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Shattered Dreams

Shattered Dreams

Their Hearts are broken not because they lost an opportunity to build a new country;

Their hopes were dashed not because they did not prepare well to build a new country.

Their hearts were broken and their hopes dashed because a fiendish apparition garbed in a mortal robe, robbed them of the opportunity to rebuild the broken walls, and erect the sagged pillars of their country.

I can feel the feeling they felt

Their pains spread all over

their bodies, and shown glaringly

in their eyes; people traumatized

into the hollow of their hopelessness

by an archaic philosophical ideology

on religious premise

I can see the pain in their eyes

as they groped about searching for

any means of sustenance, as nothing

they’ve had, makes any meaningful

value to their life, for whatever they’ve

had, has become dung meant for the waste bin

Like herds of bleating sheep

led into the slaughtering house,

they goaded my people, meandering

in an endless maze, searching for an

acceptable exit to the ray of a new dawn;

Yet, all they could see was a dawn that was clouded in a

darker nothingness

But in that darkened space of suffocating gloom

a ray of glimmering Hope appeared;

a hope arrowed to the brighter dawn

they’ve hoped and dreamt about,

it filed them with a new vigor of liveliness

They all, in one accord, throng toward

that glimmering hope with all enthusiasm

Alas, they thought, they were on the brink of an

historic victory over the powers and will of

evil and darkness that has engulfed them this while

But in a vengeful hatred and disdain

for what the people cared about, or the pains

they’ve had, and in utter disregard for norms,

or feeling of their hopelessness, in the circumstance,

some marauding beings clothed in an entitlement

mentality unleashed an atmosphere of mayhem

upon the land, dashing the hope of the people

And so, in one fell swoop, the impunity of a class has

shattered the people's dreams, hopes, and expectations

of a new dawn, and plunging my beloved country

into the abyss of dread, and casting a shadow

of ‘pariahness’ in this fast-evolving global community

The world couldn’t fathom that this could happen

to this great nation endowed with all the

glamor and beautiful resources in any country

could hope for, in this century, they couldn’t

understand why we are so great, yet very small

and backward

For if you could look at the pains in the eyes of my people,

If you could feel the feelings my people felt;

how they’ve been batte

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